Mediation Of Probate And Estate Issues In Pasadena

Following the passing of a loved one, disputes can all too easily develop among family members and heirs. Different people may have different ideas about the deceased's final wishes. People may feel they are being treated unfairly or that someone is trying to take advantage of a difficult situation. The deceased may have left confusing or ambiguous instructions regarding his or her estate.

When conflicts arise during the probate or administration of an estate, it is important that all action to create a resolution is taken. It is difficult to overstate how the emotions of such situations can overwhelm people's ability to clearly focus on the most efficient and effective means of resolving the dispute.

Mediation Offers Effective And Efficient Solutions

Litigating probate and estate issues is not only costlier than mediation, but it can also take much longer — probate courts in Los Angeles County may have up to a five-year wait for trial. Further, the costs of litigating probate and estate disputes can easily burn through a great deal of the estate that is being debated.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For You

At Resolve Mediation Center, we are skilled mediators who are dedicated to helping people find the right solution to probate and estate disputes. These situations can become too emotional for people to be able to see solutions. As neutral mediators, we help people focus on the crux of their problem. The mediation process enables people to put acrimony aside and find the common ground they need to create a workable resolution to the dispute at hand. We utilize the latest technology to assist us in the resolution of disputes. This includes videoconferencing and other technology that can help bring people together even if they are on opposite sides of the country.

Probate And Estate Dispute Mediation

We can help to resolve probate and estate conflicts. We offer free initial consultation with our skilled mediators. To schedule an appointment, call 866-591-3692 or contact us online.