Personal Injury Mediation Services In Pasadena

Mediation is a highly effective tool for resolving the most intractable of disputes. This makes it a wise choice to consider when a personal injury dispute is preventing you from receiving the compensation and medical care you need after you have been injured in an accident such as:

  • Auto accident
  • Slip-and-fall accident
  • Assault
  • Medical malpractice

Many personal injuries are not overly complicated. Few if any of the facts may be in dispute in reality. Mediation can often help the parties recognize what common ground they share and how they can come together on the issues that remain in dispute.

Mediation offers a number of advantages over litigation, especially in resolving personal injury disputes:

  • Efficient resolutions — Given the schedule of the courts, it can take years before a case appears before a judge and jury. Mediation allows individuals and insurance companies to work through the differences that are separating their positions in a much more timely fashion than litigation.
  • Satisfaction of the parties — Mediation leaves the final approval of a proposed resolution in the hands of the parties rather than turning over that decision to a judge.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For People

At Resolve Mediation Center, our mediators are skilled at using the advantages offered through the mediation process to facilitate the resolution of personal injury disputes. We are committed to helping our clients find the most efficient resolutions to their disputes. Litigation can drag disputes on for years with neither party being satisfied with the delay or the eventual outcome. Let us help you understand how mediation can help you secure a timely and effective resolution to your personal injury dispute.

Mediating Personal Injury

For highly effective help in crafting the resolution you need to your personal injury dispute, turn to Resolve Mediation Center. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 866-591-3692 or contacting us online.