Pasadena Medical Malpractice Mediation

Litigating a medical malpractice dispute can be very challenging. The complexity of the medical evidence and other issues can prevent both sides from seeing obvious solutions to the dispute.

In many medical malpractice situations, a resolution may be closer at hand than either party realizes. Mediation can help the parties see beyond the issues that are preventing them from reaching an agreement. The reality might be as simple as the injured party wanting to have his or her medical issues corrected. Mediation can create the dialogue necessary for all involved parties to work out a solution.

A Creative Approach Can Yield Effective Resolutions

While no one is going to trust a hospital or doctor to correct his or her own errors, there are often ways to effectively remedy instances of medical malpractice, including securing corrective treatment from another physician with the expense being paid for by the original doctor or the original doctor compensating the injured individual.

Mediation allows all of the parties to avoid the uncertainty and inefficiency of litigation. In mediation, the parties can bypass issues that would require resolution in court so that they can focus on the ultimate resolution of the case.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For People

At Resolve Mediation Center, we are skilled mediators with decades of experience as trial and transactional attorneys who have witnessed millions of dollars being spent on disputes that could have been resolved more effectively and efficiently through mediation. Through mediation, we help individuals, physicians and insurers identify how they can move forward in a way that works for all involved parties. Let us help you understand the advantages mediation offers over litigation.

Mediation Of Medical Malpractice Disputes

Resolve Mediation Center helps create resolutions that allow people to move forward after medical treatment has caused injury. Call 866-591-3692 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled mediators.