Understanding The Mediation Process

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For You

At Resolve Mediation Center, our mediators are highly skilled at using the mediation process to help individuals and businesses secure effective resolutions to their disputes. We focus on providing our clients with mediation services that respect their circumstances, the nature of their conflicts and the goals they hope to achieve. Let us help you to craft the solutions you need to be able to move forward successfully.

The three steps of mediation are:

  • Analyze — The first step is to gather and analyze all relevant information regarding the dispute. For example, has either party been to an attorney before? What is the history of the relationship between the parties? When and how did the conflict begin? Our mediators will assess the information and use it to help us construct a platform that can allow a solution to develop.
  • Compromise — This stage involves the parties negotiating. Identifying goals and areas where agreement is possible are keys to this step. Generally, this stage is either carried out in a collaborative approach where all parties are in the same room together or a caucus approach where the parties are in separate rooms and mediation is accomplished through a series of individual conversations.
  • Resolution —Once the terms of a resolution are agreed upon, it can be written up as a contract or court order depending on where the parties are in the legal process.

The Mediation Process

Resolve Mediation Center can help you put the mediation process to work creating highly effective solutions that are individually tailored to your specific circumstances. Contact us online or call 866-591-3692 to schedule free initial consultation with one of our skilled mediators.