Understanding The Advantages Of Mediation

When most people find themselves embroiled in a dispute, their first thought upon realizing that they cannot resolve it on their own is to litigate. Most people are familiar with the concept of bringing a lawsuit even if their only exposure is through courtroom dramas. Traditional litigation has a number of disadvantages that most people are completely unaware of until they are in the midst of a lawsuit.

Mediation offers a number of advantages that can help people secure a resolution that works for them. Some of these include:

  • Cost – In litigation, you need to pay for the time your attorney spends fighting the other party. The discovery process, trial preparation and court appearances can accumulate an overwhelming cost.
  • Efficiency – Mediation focuses on solutions rather than fighting over the individual aspects of the case as a trial would.
  • Maintaining control over the outcome – At trial, both parties agree to give the final word on the case to the judge. In mediation, you never need to approve a resolution you are not comfortable with.
  • Higher degree of compliance – When people have a say in the resolution to their case, they are often more willing to comply.
  • Can help establish paradigm of cooperation – This can be especially important where the parties will have future involvement such as in child custody disputes.
  • Agreements are tailored – You control the agreement and can include provisions that you may not have been able to secure through the courts.
  • "Win-Win" resolutions are possible – Because each party has a voice in the outcome, each party can secure more than just a compromise.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For You

At Resolve Mediation Center, we help our clients understand all of the advantages mediation has to offer. We will educate you about the process and we will help you find the solution you need. Prior to turning our focus to mediation, we spent decades as litigators and transactional lawyers. We have seen people waste millions of dollars fighting over issues that could have been resolved much more easily. Mediation can help you find the path forward.

Mediation Benefits

Resolve Mediation Center can help you take advantage of all of the benefits mediation has to offer while securing the outcome you need. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled mediators by calling 866-591-3692 or contact us online.