Limited Representation Divorce

What is Limited Representation?

How can I save on attorney and court fees?

In a standard family law attorney/client representation, the attorney provides all the legal services to the client pertaining to the family law matter at hand. However, not everyone can afford the entire package of services. Therefore, we provide two other types of representation.

Limited Scope Representation – In this form of representation, we handle one small portion of your matter, from the beginning to end for that small portion only. For example, we may appear at one of your hearings and make the arguments to the judicial officer on your behalf. After the hearing, we may prepare the orders for the judicial officer's signature. At that point, the representation and legal fees end.

Unbundled Services – In this service, we may offer advice, strategy, review /prepare documents, ghostwrite and/or coach you regarding some part of your family law matter. This will minimize your legal costs while providing the benefit of expert legal advice and assistance when needed and as requested. We offer you the ability to "unbundle" family law services to suit your desires, needs, and ability to pay.