Divorce Mediation In Pasadena

Divorce is an incredibly challenging experience to go through. Finding the most effective means of navigating the process can help to minimize the potential for conflict and the stress and anxiety.

Mediation is a powerful tool that divorcing spouses can use to find a path forward that helps them create an agreement that will allow them to move forward and build the post-divorce lives they are hoping for.

We help couples come to terms on all of the major decisions that are part of a divorce, including:

One of the most contentious issues is often the division of the marital estate. This is especially the case where small-business ownership is a part of the divorce. Under California state law, property divisions are effectively 50-50. The mediation process creates an environment where each spouse's goals can be worked toward through negotiation and compromise.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For People

At Resolve Mediation Center, our team of skilled mediators can help you and your spouse find the common ground necessary for you both to be able to move on with your lives. Our mediators bring together decades of experience that we use to help our clients create the resolutions they need. Divorce and those issues related to it can be some of the most contentious issues people may ever face in their lives. Our mission is to give people the space and resources they need to tailor resolutions that fit their individual situations.

Mediation For Divorcing Couples

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