Child Custody Mediation In Pasadena

For divorcing couples, one of the most potentially contentious issues is child custody. No one wants to give up time with his or her children. Building an arrangement that divides the child's time between the parents usually results in each parent spending less time overall with his or her child.

For a child custody arrangement to work, it must accomplish several goals:

  • It must serve the best interests of the child.
  • It must work with the practical realities of the parents' schedules and circumstances.

Ideally, a successful child custody arrangement is born out of a spirit of cooperation where each parent respects and understands the needs of the child. Mediating, rather than litigating, a child custody dispute is much more effective at creating a paradigm of cooperation that can help the parents work together to make sure their child's needs are being met through the child custody and visitation agreement.

Mediating Child Custody Disputes Which Are Not Part Of A Divorce

Mediation is also an effective tool in resolving child custody and visitation disputes that may have arisen years after a divorce. For those couples and parents who were never married to each other, we offer our highly effective mediation skills to help them come to agreements that help them find a resolution and move forward.

Facilitating Resolutions That Work For People

At Resolve Mediation Center, we are committed to helping people pursue their child custody goals and securing resolutions that help them and their children build the lives they need. Let us help you understand how mediation can help as opposed to taking your dispute to court. We can help you understand the mediation process and all of the advantages it has to offer, including cost savings and more timely resolutions. Should mediation prove to not be the most effective means of resolving your child custody dispute, we also offer skilled family law litigation representation.

Mediation For Settling Child Custody Disputes

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