Mediation Services In Pasadena

After decades of working in litigation and transactional law, we have seen millions of dollars spent fighting about issues that could have been more readily and cost-effectively resolved through mediation. We know the value that mediation can provide for people from firsthand observation. In addition to the cost savings of not litigating, those who mediate enjoy other advantages such as:

  • Maintaining control over the outcome — When people mediate their disputes, they keep the decision-making power among themselves rather than turning over the decision to a judge or jury.
  • More timely resolutions — Given the congested schedule of the courts in our area, a case may take years before it can appear before a judge. Mediation can begin as soon as all of the parties are available.

Our firm offers a range of mediation services to meet our clients' needs, including:

We Also Offer Skilled Litigation Representation

When mediation is not appropriate for a particular dispute, having effective litigation representation can help you secure the resolution you need. We offer our skill as trial attorneys to those who need to litigate family law issues as well as any of the other areas of law listed above.

Helping Individuals And Businesses Craft The Resolutions They Need

The mediators of Resolve Mediation Center are committed to helping individuals and businesses find the most efficient and effective means of resolving their disputes. Our experience as litigators prior to turning to mediation gives us clear insight into the benefits mediation offers over litigation. We are focused on helping our clients achieve their goals in the most direct means possible. Mediation offers a path toward resolving disputes that many of our clients prefer. Let us help you understand how mediation can help you secure an effective solution to your dispute.

Skilled Mediators

Let our mediators help you take advantage of the benefits of the mediation process while you secure the goal you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 866-591-3692 or contact us online.